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2019 Green Griffin

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Three Dutch Ch-47D Chinooks have been hot refueled and ready to go!

From 13 until 22 May 2019 the German-Dutch Division Schnelle Kräfte operated from the German airbase Celle. Around 500 soldiers of the 11th Air Mobility Brigade, 250 soldiers of the Defence Helicoper Command and 5 CH-47D Chinook and 6 AH-64D Apaches operated together with 2250 German soldiers with 10 NH-90 TTH and 6 Tiger helicopters. The helicopters formed the Combined Helicopter Task Force.

During the two weeks exercise different scenarios were practised. In the second week a large air assault operation was flown from the Bergen-|Hohne NATO training area. A F(A)RP location was in place and manned by combined German and Dutch ground troops.

The Dutch Air Control truck parked at the F(A)RP

Northern Skies would like to thank 11th AMB and DHC for their hospitality!

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