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I have read carefully your article 'French Friesland' which has been written with rigor and quality.

Thank you for your attention to the French detachment.



Frank Visser and Ludo Mennes visited Wunstorf Air Base to report on Luftwaffe A400M operations in the Air International magazine. 

Their well-balanced article highlighted both chances and challenges. The very high quality was achieved by getting the facts right. The fair and objective reporting underlines their great professionalism. 

Well done. 

Colonel Ludger Bette, Base Commander ATW 62, Wunstorf AB, German Air Force.  


During my period as supervisor of FWIT 2017 I have worked with Frank and Ludo for their

article 'Fighter Weapons School' in the Air International and a photoshoot for the Dutch

National Military Archives. They have shown great professionalism in their way of operating

both during the visits and afterwards.


Their article was not only highly liked by me, but also by my entire staff and the

participating pilots as it was spot on and showed the same quality we aimed to achieve during

our weapons course! Thumbs up, guys.


Major Nick, supervisor FWIT 2017, 322 TACTES squadron Leeuwarden,

Royal Netherlands Airforce 

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