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About us



Welcome to Northern Skies Aviation!

Northern Skies Aviation (NSA) is a press agency with its origins in the Northern part of the Netherlands and was founded by Frank Visser and Ludo Mennes, both freelance aviation journalists and photographers with a keen interest in military aviation.


The focus of NSA is on bringing inside reports from airforces, units and types across the world. Our articles have been published in magazines such as Air International, Airforces Monthly and Combat Aircraft.


On the website you will find examples of published articles and reports of the different venues we have visited over the years.

Please feel free to browse around and enjoy the content on our website!  

The team:


Frank Visser (1966) Born in Leeuwarden his passion for military aviation grew by visiting the nearby
military airbase in the seventies and eightie
s. For over thirty years Frank has dedicated his time
traveling the world to report on deployments, exercises and units. His primary subjects are European
Air Forces and the United States military.

Ludo Mennes (1969) From his childhood he has had an interest in military aviation. At the age of 15 
he started visiting former NAS Valkenburg near his hometown Leiderdorp for photography.
then he has visited many different events and airshows across the world. In 1995 he moved to the city
of Groningen in the North of Holland where he met Frank. Since 2008 they have published a
number of articles together. His primary subjects are the European Air Forces. 


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