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2017 Brilliant Arrow

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Brilliant Arrow 2017 is the name of the NATO exercise which took take place between September 11 and 22, 2017 with approx. 1,000 German and International military personnel in the Northern part of Germany. In the airspace of Germany and Netherlands F-16 fighter jets from Greece, Poland and Turkey and German Eurofighter aircraft trained together, for the formal conclusion of the certification process for the Air component of the 2018 NATO Response Force rotation.

After a delayed start due to the postponed arrival of the F-16s and also a heavy storm rolling over northwestern Germany the exercise finally took off on Thursday of the first week. Ludo Mennes visited Wittmund AB in the second week to photograph the Greec F-16C/D's from Souda, Crete and the Polish F-16C's from Poznan-Krzesiny, and was lucky with the weather 😃

Eurofighter from TLG 73 "Steinhoff"

F-16C Block52 from Poznan

F-16C Block52 coming to land at Wittmund

Eurofighter of TLG 31 'Boelcke'

F-16C Block 52 from Souda, Crete

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