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2017 A day at the GLV-5

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

The helicopters of the Defense Helicopter Commando (DHC) regularly practise their routines over different low level flying areas in the Netherlands

The most well known and intensively used area is the GLV-V at the Oirschotse Hei in the Netherlands. On August 24 a visit was paid by Ludo Mennes to this area in the hope to catch some action, as this not a 100% certainty.

Luckily both in the morning and afternoon CH-47D Chinooks used the area. In the morning D-661 made a number of passes practising landings on the moors.

In the afternoon D-102 showed up and practised brown out droppings and picking ups of commandos and gave an incredible show of low level flying!

The GLV-5 area is open to the public, although caution is necessary for safety as the Dutch Army regularly drives around with jeeps and other more heavy material as the Boxer armored fighting vehicles.

Below is a map where one can find a parking spot along the Eindhovensedijk in Oirschot. The red stars represent the locations where the helicopters were practicing on this occasion, although they regularly use other spots aswell.

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