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2016 Gilze-Rijen AB home of the 301 sq 'Redskin' Apaches

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

On 31 October Ludo Mennes made a visit to Gilze-Rijen AB to catch some Apaches in action.

With a sunny day forecasted, the position near the head of runway 28 at the Burgemeester Ballingsweg is perfect for taxishots.

Apache on Lima taxi-track

The Apache hangars are situated close to the fence and the hope was to catch an Apache for a head-on shot, however this depends on which taxitrack the helo's use departing their platform to the runway.

If they use the Kilo taxi-track they will taxi away, if they use the Lima track they will taxi towards the photographer.

Luckily all flying Apaches decided to use the Lima taxi-track which resulted in some interesting shots!

Apache hovering over the Lima track

Lining-up over runway 28

Departure from runway 28

Heading home after the mission

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