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2008 Phly-out of Wittmund WSO 'Huge'

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

On 28 August 2008 the Oberst Leutnant 'Huge' Titz said farewell to his operational career as Weapon Systems Officer on the F-4F, flying at the second squadron of the Jagdgeschwader 71 Richthofen at Wittmund AB. His final mission was a two-ship over the Northsea, flying together with a colleague pilot, who would go to his new posting in Köln.

In the morning time was spent in the messroom, after which the bunker was visited for weather information and the mission briefing of the Fini flight.

After preparation of the flight gear the crew was brought to the shelter to their aircraft. Posing for the family, the Phantom taxied to the runway for take-off. The camera was given to a crew member for some air-to air shots during the flight.

After 1.5 hours both aircraft returned, awaited by family and squadron members for the famous shower from the Wittmund fire brigade which accompanied them to the messbuilding.

On the special taxi!

The cold shower was a succes for the viewers and after recovering and the speech of the squadron commander, OLT Titz was allowed to nail his badge at the bar finalizing his career with the Luftwaffe.

A signed painting of Freiherr Manfred von Richthofen for gift

The badge nailed to the bar of 712 squadron

The nailing ceremony was the starting point for the BBQ and beer party!

Let's celebrate the ph..... rhino!!

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