• Ludo Mennes

2008 An operational day at Wittmund AB

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

In March 2008 a day was spent at Wittmund airbase on invitation of the flight safety officer of the geschwader Olt Titz.

Luckily there were plenty of flying activities from the locals. A visit was made to the based A-4N Skyhawks of Flight Systems Inc.

A-4N Skyhawk ready for a next mission

The Skyhawks flew in assignment of the German armed forces for target towing since 2001, and were considered as the unofficial 3rd Staffel of Jagdgeschwader 71 Richthofen.

A-4N Skyhawk N432FS, piloted by the manager of Flight Systems Germany mr. Cliff Gion

A number of Tornadoes from the sister unit Jagdbomber Geschwader 33 from Büchel arrived after a mission over the Northsea and were parked at the X-servicing platform.

Tornado 44+00 JBG 33 on the X-servicing platform

In the presence of the flight safety officer the last chance platform was visited for some close up pics of the waiting Phantoms, a sight to behold!

F-4F 37+63 arriving at the last chance platform

Phinal checks by groundcrew

Arms outside for safety during phinal checks

Many thanks go out to Olt Titz for making this visit possible!


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