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2018 Frisian Flag; a different perspective

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

From 9 until 20 April 2018 the Royal Netherlands Air Force hosted the yearly multi-national exercise Frisian Flag at Leeuwarden airbase. Over 70 aircraft from 6 different nations (Germany, France, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands and USA) participated this year and practised many different complex missions over areas in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark and the Northsea.

For the fourth consecutive time the United States Air National Guard (ANG) participated with

12 F-15s. The jets from the 123rd Fighter Squadron, Oregon ANG and 131 Fighter Squadron, Massachusetts ANG operated for six months in Europe for a Theater Support Package, starting their tour at Leeuwarden airbase.

Three Polish MiG-29s from Minsk operated in the red air role, supported by civil contractor Discovery Air operating A-4N Skyhawks from nearby Wittmund airbase in Germany. All participating countries flew different red air missions, beside their regular blue air activities.

Polish MiG-29 with a spectacular afterburner departure

An overview of the French Rafale flightline at Leeuwarden AB

The largest contingent French fighters ever participated this year. Four Mirage 2000D aircraft from Nancy airbase and no less than nine Rafale B and C models from both Saint Dizier airbase and Mont-de-Marsan airbase were present.

Rafale C of EC3/30 'Lorraine' short on final runway 05

Futuristic Rafale head on

On 17 April Northern Skies Aviation was granted a photo visit on to the airbase, resulting in photos from different positions than most other photographers.

Beside our article about the French Airforce participation in Air International magazine, see under Gallery 2018 'French Friesland', we offer our viewers a photo page with the results from this great day.

Many thanks to the Public Affairs team at Leeuwarden airbase for their support!

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