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2015 ANG F-15s over Europe

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

F-15Cs from 159 FS/ 125 FW starting up their engines for a Frisian Flag mission.

Due to the rising tensions between NATO and Russia the U.S. decided to start Operation Atlantic Resolve. For this operation 12 F-15s from the 125 Fighter Wing, Florida ANG and 142 Fighter Wing, Oregon ANG were stationed in Europe for half a year.

With full afterburner this F-15C of 123 FS/ 142 FW lifts of the runway at Leeuwarden Airbase.

Followed by a Florida ANG F-15C.

F-15C of 123 FS/ 142 FW, Oregon ANG returning to Leeuwarden Airbase.

Only one of the 12 F-15s was a D-model.

Mission completed.

During there deployment the F-15s participated at the Frisian Flag exercise held in the Spring of 2015 at Leeuwarden Airbase. They arrived by the end of March to prepare for the exercise. After Frisian Flag the F-15s moved on to Bulgaria to continue their deployment.

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