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2014 NASA Super Guppy

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

Originally based on the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser the NASA's Super Guppy were used to transport components of the Apollo program. Nowadays it’s used for transportation of oversized cargo. Frank Visser visited NASA Aircraft Operations at El Paso International Airport to see the only airworthy Super Guppy in the world.

The Super Guppy has a unique hinged nose that opens 110 degrees. The nose can be opened and closed without disrupting the flight or engine control rigging.

Cargo loading in it's immense cargo area that is 25 feet in diameter and 111 feet long is very simple. Therefore this unique aircraft will be in service for many years to come.

No modern glass cockpit for this old lady.

The working place of the flight engineer.

Texas super bird. This logo is painted on the front gear door.

When entering NASA 941NA this aircraft shows it's normally based at the Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas.

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