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2011 Still going strong

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

Everts Air Cargo is the last airline in the U.S.A. that operates a large fleet of old piston-powered aircraft like the DC-6. Some of these aircraft are over 70 years old. As most of these aircraft have a military background, Frank Visser visited Everts Air Cargo at their main base at Fairbanks International Airport, Alaska.

Everts Air Cargo operates scheduled cargo flights as well as passenger services in Alaska and parts of Canada. They mainly operate from Fairbanks and Anchorage International Airport.

A DC-6A (c/n 44612) of Everts Air Cargo with registration N251CE. This former C-118A Liftmaster was delivered to the USAF in 1954 as serial 53-3241.

Another DC-6A of Everts Air Cargo. This particular aircraft (c/n 44599) was delivered to the USAF in 1954 as a C-118A Liftmaster with serial 53-3228. In 1976 it was handed over to the US Navy and flew for five years as 533228 before returned to the USAF. On the 24 February 2014 while on approach to Emmonak Airport Alaska it encountered severe turbulence and sustained wing damage. The crew onboard were not injured and within a year this aircraft regained its operations.

Besides this Everts Air Cargo has several aircraft that are inactive or in storage used for spare parts.

One of the two operational Curtiss Wright C-46R Commando at Everts Air Cargo. This former USAF aircraft (c/n 273, serial 43-4720) from the forties was converted from C-46A to C-46R in 1957.

The second Curtiss Wright Commando, registered N1837M, is a C-46F-1-CU. It entered service with the USAF in 1945 as 44-78565 (c/n 22388). This aircraft is now operated by Everts Air Fuel Inc.

This Curtiss Wright C-46F-1-CU Commando from 1945 (USAF serial 44-78628, c/n 22451). Registered N23AC its not operational anymore and used for spare parts.

Ready for service. This DC-6B (N444CE, c/n 45478) was delivered in 1958 as F-BIAM for Union Aeromaritime de Transport in France. Its one of the few DC-6s of Everts Air Cargo with no military background.

Delivered in 1958 as N93126 for Western Airlines this DC-6B (c/n 45222) is now operated by Everts Air Cargo.

Another interesting aircraft, a Fairchild C-119L Flying Boxcar registered N8504Z. It was built in 1953 and was bought by Everts Air Fuel Inc. in 1995. It entered the USAF as a C-119G

(serial 53-7836, c/n 11253) and retired from military service in 1975 and was stored at MASDC

(now called AMARG) at Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona. In 1979 it was sold to Dross Metals and

after a long journey ended up at Fairbanks, Alaska.

Stored Curtiss Wright Commandos at Fairbanks International Airport.

Former C-118A ( USAF 53-3298, c/n44669) from 1955 now owned by Everts Air Fuel Inc. is used for used for spare parts. Not clearly visible is its registration N9148F.

This former C-118B Liftmaster (c/n 43709) flew as 131606 for the US Navy. Nowadays it's registered N4206L and is used for spare parts.

N810CS C-118B Liftmaster awaits its faith. It flew as 131604 (c/n 43707) for the US Navy and is now owned by Everts Air Fuel Inc.

Everts Air Cargo fleet also includes aircraft like the Douglas DC-9, McDonnell Douglas MD-80, Piper Lance and Pilatus PC-12.

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