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2009 RNLAF F-16s back at Nellis AFB

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

In 2009, the RNLAF, with its F-16s, again participated in the Red Flag exercise at Nellis AFB.

Frank Visser visited the Dutch and a photo impression is shown below.

Crew chiefs of the RNLAF prepair their aircraft for the next RF mission.

Time to go.

RTB for these three Dutch F-16s.

Mission completed

Some of the other Red Flag participants:

Home based F-15C of the 65th Aggressor Squadron during take-off at Nellis AFB.

F-15C 142 FW Oregon ANG.

F-15C 142 FW Oregon ANG.

F-16C 148 FW Minnesota ANG.

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