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2018 Yanks Air Museum

The largest and heaviest single seat fighter ever built and the fastest fighter in WW II.
Republic Aviation YP-47M-1 Thunderbolt

Founded by Mr Charles Nichols in 1982 the Yanks Air Museum at Chino Airport California is a local museum dedicated to exhibiting, preserving and restoring American aircraft. Frank Visser visited this unique museum.


Spanning across decades of labour intensive searching, Yanks Air Museum boasts one of the most extensive and rarest collections of American aircraft worldwide. The collection began in 1973 with the acquisition of the Beech Staggerwing and from there grew to more than 200 aircraft. Many of the aircraft at Yanks are the only remaining specimens of their kind. Today nearly 200 aircraft are present at the Yanks Air Museum.

North American P-51A Mustang

The basic trainer built for the US Army Air Force as the BT-13 and the US Navy as the SNV-1. The BT-13 outnumbered all other basic trainers produced in the US during WW II.
Vultree Aircraft Inc. BT-13B Valiant

The FJ-1 was the US Navy's first operational fighter and performed the first jet take-off and landing form a carrier at sea.
North American FJ-1 Fury

Douglas A-4C Skyhawk

Overview of post WW II jets

The TBF was used primarily for anti-sub patrols, bombing missions and rocket-firing strike aircraft.
Grumman G-40 Avenger (TBF-1C)

The SB2C-3 Helldiver was the last and most extensively built of all US Navy dive bombers.
Curtiss SB2C-3 Helldiver

Highly skilled staff take every aircraft through an intensive restoration process.

The Curtiss P-40E Warbird is a single-engine, single-seat fighter aircraft. The popular shark mouth, well suited to the contours of the P-40, was made famous by the 1941 American Volunteer Group (AVG), also known as the “Flying Tigers.” This partial aircraft was restored by the Yanks Air Museum and flew on  on 16th June 2018.
Curtiss P-40E Warhawk


Yanks Air Museum believes your support is essential to continue our collection, restoration, and preservation of historical American aircraft. Their mission is to educate people by preserving the aircraft and increasing the body of knowledge cannot happen without your generous support. There are many ways your contributions make an impact.


Lockheed EC-121T Super Constellation

The Privateer was the Navy's modified version of the Consolidated B-24.
Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer

Douglas KA-3B Skywarrior

The Greenfield Project

Originally purchased in 1988 by Charles and Judith Nichols, the 440-acre “Bill Hanson Ranch” located near Monterey County is the future site of the Yanks expansion project. Not intended to replace the current Chino location, the expansion will instead focus on providing customers with a technologically enhanced larger atmosphere designed to fill the senses with rich American history coupled with the beauty and wonder of aviation. The new site will house a 4,250 square foot runway for museum flight operations and private aviation needs. An educational program with classrooms and a state of the art theatre will provide visitors the opportunity to actively engage with aviation and solidify their love for the craft. A gas station and convenience store will soon begin construction.

Yanks Museum facility in Chino, founded in 1982 by Mr Charles Nichols.

The Yanks Air Museum at Chino Airport was founded in 1982 by Mr Charles Nichols. Seen here in front of the Curtiss P-40E Warhawk.

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