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2016 Spottersday DHC at Gilze-Rijen

Updated: Dec 28, 2017

On 7 September 2016 the DHC (Defensie Helicopter Commando) organized a spottersday at Gilze-Rijen airbase together with the local spotting society GRAS (Gilze-Rijen Aviation Society) for their 30th anniversary.

As GRAS is well-known for their good contacts in the airforces community a visit was made by NSA to this event, however not knowing what to expect. The morning was spent at the end of the runway for some operational photography and the afternoon on base. The app. 240 guests were situated in front of the tower and were treated to a true spectacle, as it turned out to be a fruitful event with many different visitors trying to outperform with low approaches, banking shots and nice turns under superb weather conditions.

Thumbs up for DHC and GRAS for organising this fantatic event!!

A local hero, CH-47D from 298 sq

Tiger F-16MLU QRA from 31 sq with live armament

Danish MFI-17 waving to the crowd

Another local, a CH-47F from 298 sq

Tornado from Jagel

Visiting F-16MLU from Volkel airbase

C-135F turning for another approach

EC-135's from Bückeburg

F-16MLU from Volkel airbase

SA.342M Gazelle in tiger outfit

The Belgium QRA heading home

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