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2016 Sanicole Airshow arrivals at KB

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

The yearly Sanicole airshow, close to Kleine Brogel airbase is always a spectacle with many interesting guests. The 39th edition was no exeption to this rule with the opening of the show at Fridaynight of a B-1B Lancer!

But there was lot more to be seen with displays from the Swiss PC-7 team, a Spanish F-18 and the Tiger formation of 31 squadron

Swiss PC-7 turning to finals

Another highlight was the Swedish historical flight with its SAAB Viggen, Draken, Tunnan and 105.

Swedish SAAB Draken from the historical flight

Sanicole airshow has two different showdays, one sunset show on Fridaynight and on Sunday the airshow day.

Belgium demo F-16 returning after practising over Sanicole

Unfortunately the sunsetshow could not be attended as the weather was stunning and great for photography. Instead a day was spent on 9 September at the gate of Kleine Brogel airbase waiting for the show participants to arrive.

Local Belgium F-16BM on short finals

Swedish SAAB Viggen

Czech SAAB Gripen

Red Bull Corsair arriving for the show

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